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Friends of the Animals Baton Rouge

Friends of the Animals Baton Rouge LouisianaIf you live near Baton Rouge Louisiana, you may want to join the webpage of Friends of the Animals in Baton Rouge on FaceBook. Their Mission: To encourage and improve the humane treatment of animals at EBRAnimal Control and Rescue by providing volunteers, resources, programs.

They are having a Friends campaign with a goal of 1000 friends by March 1st, 2010.  They have a variety of ways you can help in addition to money donations.  They post on Craiglist to encourage pet adiption.  They organize volunteers to care for the animals.  In the month of February they discounted all black and gold (tan) colored animals to celebrate the Saints victory.  Some Who Dat dogs are still available.  They arrange foster homes for dogs undergoing heartworm treatment that lasts 2-3 weeks.

M/Y/D/S Clipart graphicsI had an experience when my son's pet snake got out of a cage and crawled outside; some neighbors luckily called Animal Contral instread of killing it.  The shelter in East Baton Rouge was great to notify him so he could arrange to get the pet back.  And give my son pet tips about just how clever snaks can be about getting around and thru tight places.

Join them online at Friends of the Animals in Baton Rouge to learn more about how you can help.

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